Juicing, Juicing

I have always wanted a juicer of some sort, as long as I can remember. Well this Christmas, my wish came true. I was slightly whining; mentioning I didn’t have enough presents underneath the tree. So Christmas Eve, my other half, partner in crime and boyfriend (made me close my eyes), and popped it down on the floor. There it was, a Breville juice; the Juice Fountain Cold to be exact! the Juice Fountain Cold, actually seemed intimidating. However, once I read the little booklet, I was over the moon and thrilled to get juicing!

Last night, between watching one of my favourite tv shows, I prepped all of my fruits and vegetables, and even juiced while the commercials were rolling. This is about the fourth time that it’s been used; and I’m excited to say that the end result of the juiced items; was gorgeous!

The ingredients that I used were:

6 jazz apples

1 pineapple

1 carrot (medium sized)

Ginger (small amount)

Seeing as I was juicing during the commercial’s, there was really no logical to the way in which I juiced. Having read up on the juicer and some other brands, it was suggested that all of the same fruit be juiced at the same time to ensure that the juicer is able to extract the most juice as possible and be “easier” on the juicer especially shifting between settings. For me, I wasn’t an issue because all was the ingredients needed the high setting (harder fruits and vegetables).

The chef in me, always gets excited and can’t wait to try something that I have made. But, most recently, I have learnt the art of patience. Patience is possibly the most vital step in juicing. It is essential to allow the ingredients time to marry together (all of the scientific aspects of food ie. amino acids, vitamins etc) to bond together. I let the juice sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Shaking it up was the best aspect of my morning. Grabbed my Jonathan Adler mug and poured a bit and headed to work.


I have to admit, I was apprehensive about the ginger when I bought it at the grocery store. I’m not a huge fan of ginger but the benefits are endless such as malabsorption, assisting with nausea, vomiting along with having anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger has such a prominent flavour and amour, which it why I used such a little amount. The flavour is actually masked by the carrot.

The bright orange cup of juice was a part of my breakfast and actually kept my quench for thirst down! This was extremely surprising as I drink about 3.5 litres of water a day! Yes a day! I love water! I don’t drink alcohol, sodas (only the classic watermelon soda with a beef patty =)), or processed juices; just water. However, I am thrilled to have started juicing to a better and healthier me.

The name of this juice is…..Jazzy Sunshine?

I think so; Jazzy Sunshine it is!