Casa 43

First of all, I have always loved Mexican food! When I lived in London back in 2013, I literally lived at Chipotle. Not exactly the same thing but it did the job especially when I was on such a tight budget. I actually don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Mexican food. I have been to Mexico, one of the best trips of my life! I also visited Cozumel on a cruise in 2007. Cozumel was a nice place to visit but what I remember is that it was very touristy and lots of hagglers. When I visited Mexico City, I was able to eat some of the most delicious food I have ever had in my life. So obviously, nothing can come close to authentic Mexican food but Casa 43 is not a bad option.

Casa 43 is one of my all time favourite places on island to eat. The service is good, food is tasty and the prices are decent. Anyone that lives in Cayman will understand what I mean!

My mom and I made a quick decision and just went tonight on a wimp. We (Juan and I) have actually been converting her to love this restaurant as much as we do...and it seems to be working. It was actually her idea to go.


We started off with the typical Queso Fundido. What is Queso Fundido? According to Casa 43’s menu, it is a melted variety of cheeses, Mexican dark beer and chorizo which is accompanied by house made tortilla chips. What I personally think it is…is literal melted heaven in a skillet! I have to say, I have had the Fundido without the chorizo and it’s just as tasty but the chorizo definitely gives it a better flavour. I have also had it when it was just prepared (all the ingredients mixed together) and it seems that the mixture has to marinate for some time prior to serving it. It actually wasn’t very pleasant when I ate it, being freshly made. On the other hand, tonight’s queso, did not disappoint! It came out as usual, piping hot and steaming! The cheese was very stretchy. The char of the top from being in the oven, always gives it a smoky taste.  We actually only go to Casa for the Fundido! 😊 True Story!


Another must on the menu is the guacamole! Who doesn't like avocados? Frankly, it is one of my favourite ingredients. Juan adds avocados to everything that he possibly can! It seems like we lucked out again with the freshness of the guacamole. I think, it was made an hour prior of us being there. There was a time when Juan and I ordered the guacamole and it was oxidised, meaning the colour was very dark and it seemed like the kitchen tried to salvage it with lime juice. The lime juice didn’t help and we ended up sending it back to the kitchen because it was just inedible, very sad moment…not the case tonight! The guacamole was bright green and very well seasoned and the avocados were just at the right ripeness.


We discovered the fajitas by accident actually and had the flank steak. Tonight we changed it up and got chicken. I am always apprehensive about chicken options on menus, in this case, fajitas because I don’t actually know why. I guess my reasoning is, if I go out to eat, I would like to experience something other than chicken, since it is the most common protein to cook which makes it so widely used. Seems like we stuck gold with the chicken fajitas!! The steak was good previously, but the chicken tonight, was great! The chicken breasts was thinly sliced, sautéed with onions, peppers and seasoned with just salt and pepper. The meat was very tender and we both couldn't stop saying how delicious it was after every bite!

All in all, Casa 43 was on point tonight! We went around 6:30p.m., which seemed like a good time to arrive. Casa 43 doesn’t take reservations; the seating is determined on a first come first served basis. Sometimes this can cause stress (in our case normally), especially, if you had your heart set out on the fundido, which takes about 15-20 minutes to arrive at your table. However, the food is typically worth the wait, and tonight was definitely one of those nights. No wait time, good service and very well executed food!

By the way, my mom and I shared everything and it was under KYD$50 and we left both very happy and very full! If that's not a steal, I don't know what is!

¡Viva México!