Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII that’s 52 for those none Roman numeral people out there. I have to admit I don’t really know the first thing about American football, I understand the basics but I don't really care for it. Sorry to offend you, if I do. BUT seeing as Juan is a Mexican-American, it comes with the territory. Nevertheless, I get to embrace the new traditions, especially, if you guessed it, pertain to food.

A barbecue was planned a few days in advance but my day actually started with a much needed catch up with my friend Stephanie or Wunderfuss. We literally have been trying to meet up for a few months! With both of us being extremely busy with work and the holidays…it was virtually impossible. I personally was very thrilled that we were able to lose ourselves in conversation! She told me all about her exciting plans and her yoga course she is participating in. I’m actually very envious of her. But that’s another post for another time! If you haven’t already, check out her blog, Wunderfuss and follow her on Instagram @wunderfuss! =)

To the main event…the barbecue

✓ Kingsford Mestique Charcoal

✓ CAB Burger Patties

✓ Niman Ranch Apple Smoked Gouda & Kentucky Bourbon Sausages

✓ Niman Ranch Double Smoked Applewood Uncured Bacon

✓ Avocados (can’t go wrong with avocados!)

✓ Alfalfa Sprouts

✓ Mushrooms & Onions

✓ Mac & Cheese

✓ Baked Beans

✓ Brussels Sprouts

✓ Swiss Cheese

When you think about it, that’s a hefty menu and a slightly unplanned theme, of Smokey flavours and lots of Niman Ranch. Niman Ranch is actually, in my professional taste buds’ opinion, some of the best meat products that you can purchase, minus sourcing it locally, like straight off the farm. In these instances, I really miss my uncle! Niman Ranch has been raising cattle the same way since 1970, simply in the traditional way, where animals have space to roam free and eat natural foods. I honestly could go on and go about their practices (I wrote a few too many reports on Niman Ranch in University…), read up on them for yourself.

I personally prefer a charcoal grill to a gas grill, to each their own I presume. Anyway, I quickly prepped and cleaned the Brussels sprouts (these have become a staple in our diet’s, it’s Juan’s favourite! It’s also grown on me.) I tossed them in olive oil, added about ½ tsp and pinch of coarse sea salt, ¼ tsp black pepper and 2 tbps of extra virgin olive. Mixed it all together and placed it in the oven that was set at 400F. I tossed the sprouts ever so often to get the colour evenly distributed as they cooked. It was nothing special to the method, literally season and mix, in the oven and forget about them, but don't make them burn.

While the sprouts were roasting, I sautéed the mushrooms with ½ an onion and 3 garlic cloves. Cooking comes naturally to me, so I just let the ingredients do their own thing. I also added thyme…my absolute favourite ingredient after salt and garlic! I’m actually writing this and thinking how silly it was that I didn’t take any pictures of all the sprouts or mushrooms and onions…well I guess I gotta make it again! Wait for the recipe/s!

Let there be fire!! The CAB burger patties were seasoned from the night before and actually included the Uncured Double Smoked Bacon. Juan seasoned the meat with, I am not actually sure what he used, definitely garlic and thyme, salt, pepper, bacon, and maybe a little paprika. He loves paprika as much as I love thyme! Literally the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

My mom even got in on the mix, she made her delicious mac & cheese, baked beans and fried chicken wings. I personally don’t eat any meat with bone. Apparently, it’s something that I have always done, since childhood. However, the chicken wings were gone once we ate…so I guess they were as good as they smelt!

It’s time to eat...finally!

With toasted buns smothered with the normal condiments mayo, ketchup and mustard, it was just like putting a puzzle together to make the best burger! Layering at its best! I have to admit, the food was great! You can always tell if it was by it being so quiet when everyone is eating…only the white noise of the television in the background was heard. I also have to admit; I didn’t finish my burger….sad times, I know! It was just a lot going on bun, burger, mushrooms & onions, avocado slices, alfalfa sprouts, bacon, tomato and the bun! I ate about ¾ of it! I promise I did! But next time it might be a tiny burger for me.


Oh Justin Timberlake did a great half-time performance and Congratulations to the Eagles on the win!!