Islands Naturals

So I started a new job back in August 2017 and reconnected with many people that I hadn’t see in a while. By a while I mean, years! Well to justify, I was away for about 5 years between New York and the UK.

Someone that I reconnected with, is actually on a strict whole food, clean, no meat product diet. It's not one of those fad or jump on the vegan band-wagon trends; it’s for literal health reasons! I was poking for some time and finally got the green light for a lunch date.

This was my second time visiting Island Naturals this week. I went for a catch up with one of my dearest friends as I hadn’t seen her in a hot second earlier in the week! I had the bean burrito then and boy was it filling! I don’t think I ate dinner until about 8:45pm and it was something very light.

A bit of background on Island Naturals, it is a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free eatery and one of the few places on island that are extremely passionate about serving health-conscious persons in this day and age.

This time around I opted for the Pasta Primavera in Coconut Cream Sauce, the lunch special because who doesn’t like pasta! I am convinced I was an Italian in my former life! I love pasta, pizza and ice-cream/gelato and I could eat it all day every day three times a day if I could!

I was sceptical because how can this even be tasty if there was nothing of substance, besides vegetables in it! Boy was I wrong! Just the tiniest pinch of salt made it elevate to another level!

coco cream pasta.jpg

Such a range of veggies were incorporated! It definitely was a god choice. Very rich, slightly heavy and very filling!