I have been literally begging Juan since the beginning of the year to go to breakfast at the Kimpton.

Going for breakfast is kind of a treat, in my eyes. You make a special effort to get up early on a none-work day, get dressed and basically get waited on in a restaurant where you get either eggs, pancakes, waffles, crepes or the full buffet!

We are never really fans of buffet breakfast’s unless we get there are soon as the buffet opens (it’s a temperature thing for me…those that work in kitchens will understand), plus if the selection isn’t too pleasing to the eye…a la carte is it!

Juan chose the “Jerk Chicken Scramble” and I really wanted a stack of pancakes but I opted not to get them because of the berry compote. I had the Banana Waffle instead. I had the waffles back in August and they were pretty good and appealing to the eye! The saying goes that you eat with your eyes first then your mouth and I can definitely attest to that!


The scramble was just that...scrambled eggs with a small hand full of jerk chicken (I’m pretty sure it was just diced chicken), sprinkled with a bit of mozzarella, with some breakfast potatoes, a toasted English muffin and a bit of salad. Underwhelmed to say the least. I love bacon, I mean who doesn't! We added a side of bacon and an avocado to share between us. The avocado was the star was the entire meal. Picture a perfectly removed  and ripe avocado, ever so slightly sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt!

My waffles were just, waffles. I asked for the toppings to be on the side, which was how my plate was received. But the presentation was completely different that how I had the same dish in August! Hm-mm! Not sure if someone just dropped the ball or if they changed the presentation.

Either way, it seems like breakfast was a bit underwhelmed this time around!


Nevertheless, it was good to get a bit a breakfast and see some familiar faces!