Boggy Sand Café

I am slightly biased, and I have to admit it! I haven’t made it to the new venues, like Kuboh The Eatery, Bandidos Mexican Cantina, or Pani yet. I always give new venues a few months to work out the kinks, however, in the case of Boggy Sand Café…it literally was screaming our name! By the way, this is a very late post about Boggy Sand...better late than never!

Boggy Sand Café is nestled in new Jacques Scott Plaza in West Bay, within walking distance to Foster’s Republix. Although we went on a Sunday evening, almost closing time. We really enjoyed the ambience and vibe of Boggy Sand Café.


I love the decor and it was already decorated for Christmas! Gosh, I love Christmas and all that comes along with it. Never-mind I digress, the service was great, and we were even able to get input from the Chef as he was nestled in the corner, I presume working on a new menu or placing the food order for the next day. Oh, the Chef life!


I believe the music influenced our food choices as we ordered the Rasta Pasta and the Rasta Pizza as well as the Garlic & Scotch Bonnet Shrimp. The shrimp was great, unfortunate it was consumed before we took a picture! Sorry! It was very well seasoned, and it wasn’t too spicy seeing as we requested it to be mild. Unlike my other half, I can’t handle spice/heat! Powerful flavours yes, heat no!


The Rasta Pasta and the Rasta Pizza were both impressive. The crust of the pizza was crisp but not overdone. The tri-colours fusilli pasta had a great balance of jerk seasoning and cream. We also added shrimp...just because we could!